Values and Ethos

At Lena Gardens we believe that all children have a right to an education. We believe in all children being 'World Ready, Test Ready.' We use our ICB topics to develop the children's skills so they showcase their work in an innovative, challenging and collaborative way-  through the 'The Enterprise Academy'. 


Our school Aims:


We strive for Lena Gardens Primary school to be a place where:


  • Children feel part of a whole school family ethos
  • Children think and act creatively and with imagination
  • Children feel that their work and contribution to the school is valued
  • Children gain knowledge, skills and understanding appropriate to a fast changing world, so learn to be self-reliant, adaptable and able to succeed
  • Children acquire the enabling skills within all subjects
  • Children are aware and able to make healthy choices and are kept active and happy in every possible way
  • Children access a wide ranging and appropriate curriculum that is challenging and inspiring and caters for the needs of all learners
  • Parents/carers share in their children’s education and learning


Our Mission Statement:


At Lena Gardens School we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and provide an education that will enable all the pupils and staff to achieve their full and highest potential.

We believe enjoyment is the birth right of every child and it is our privilege to instil in them a lifelong love of learning and a joy in all they do, to help lay the foundations of their futures.

We aim to provide a secure, safe, caring, and stimulating environment where all individuals feel motivated, enthused, engaged and energised to learn with a strong sense of purpose and a shared vision.

We aim to encourage the development of innovative, resilient, creative, lively and enquiring minds in all individuals at the school.

All our pupils receive a broad, balanced, rich, exciting and relevant high quality curriculum through excellent teaching within an innovative and creative learning community.

We believe that to develop a passion for learning is the key emotion that drives innovation, and motivates individuals to apply their knowledge constructively and successfully.

We continue to seek to be an excellent, improving and successful school that is highly regarded by parents and within the community, and where our pupils feel proud to be part of.

We will seek to instil in our pupils a sense of responsibility, self-discipline and a respect for themselves and each other, which leads to tolerance, understanding, forgiveness, and a sense of fairness. This in turn will give our children the confidence to accept difference and diversity and challenge prejudice and discrimination in all its forms.