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Admission arrangements and criteria 2017-18

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Applications for an In year place during the academic year 2017/18 will be considered under the Admission criteria below:

The academy will comply with all relevant provisions of the Department for Education’s School Admissions Code of Practice 2012 (“the Admissions Code”) the School Admission Appeals Code of Practice 2012 (“the Appeals Code”) and the law on admissions. The academy will, through The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust (TEFAT), consult as may be required and/or necessary. Reference in the Codes to admission authorities shall be deemed to be references to The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust , the powers and functions of which may be delegated to the local governing body of the Academy.

All academies in the TEFAT network participate in the co-ordinated admission arrangements administered by the local authority in the relevant geographical location and in respect of other arrangements specified in the Admissions Code.

Applications for in year admission to the Academy should be made to the local authority  by clicking on the link: In year admission application

Admission Appeals should also, in the first instance, be made to the local authority admissions section.

For general information about school admissions and admission appeals please look at the Council website:

If you have any questions, please contact James Benn, Head of School, on 020 7603 4043 or contact the school office email address.

Applications for an In year place during the academic year 2017/18 will be considered under the Admission criteria below

Admission criteria

Applicants with a signed Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) which names one of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham schools will be placed at that school via the SEN process as set out in Section 324 of the Education Act 1996.

If there are more applications to the school than there are places available, then Hammersmith and Fulham will allocate places in the following order of priority.

  1. Children in Public Care, also known as Looked After Children in care of the local authority and children who have been adopted or made subject to residence orders or special guardianship order immediately following having been looked after. The child's social worker must submit a letter to the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham confirming the legal status of the child and the local authority to which the child is/was in care, and quoting the child's full name and current address.
  2. The Director of School Services, as advised by senior officers. may on an individual basis give priority to applicants who can demonstrate that admission to a particular community school is necessary on the grounds of professionally supported medical or social need. Parent/Carers must supply details of any such special factors at the time of the original application together with recent supporting documentation. Such applications will not be considered without professional support, such as a letter or report from a doctor, consultant or social worker which must be no more than six months old. All information submitted will be regarded as confidential
  3. To brothers and sisters of children already on the roll of the school who will still be in the school at the time the applicant is admitted. This includes half brothers or half sisters, adopted brothers or sisters, stepbrothers or stepsisters or the children of the partner of the parent or carer provided that they live at the same address as the applicant.
  4. If in any of the categories 1, 2 or 3 there are more applicants than there are places available, priority will be given to applicants who live nearest the school on the basis described in 5 and 6 below. If there are two or more applicants in categories 1, 2 or 3 who live at exactly the same distance from the school, the offer of a place will be decided by random allocation.
  5. To children who live nearest the school. Nearness to the school will be calculated using a straight line (as the crow flies) measurement from the child's home 'address point' determined by Ordnance Survey Data to the centre of the school grounds as determined by Hammersmith and Fulham using its computerised measuring system. The child living closest to the school will receive the highest priority. Accessibility by car or public transport will be disregarded.
  6. If applicants share the same address point (for example, those who live in the same block of flats or shared house) priority will be given to those who live closest to the ground floor and then by ascending flat number order. Routes will be measured to four decimal places (if necessary). If, in the unlikely event that two or more applicants live at exactly the same distance from the school; the offer of a place will be decided by random allocation.

Admissions to Lena Gardens Primary School Nursery Class

When and how to apply for a place for in the year 2017/18

Children can start nursery aged three or four. Most children usually spend three or four terms at nursery before starting primary school. To apply for a place for your child, please download the application form at the bottom of this document.

The decision as to whether your child is given a place at the nursery is made by the Principal. There is a list of admissions criteria which the Principal will use to decide who gets a place.

Admissions criteria

If there are more applications than places, preference will be given to children in the following order:

  1. Children In public care (those looked after by a local authority under section 22 of the Children Act 1989).
  2. Children defined as being in priority need within the categories of need defined by the Children Act 1989 or as having an otherwise professionally supported exceptional education, medical or social need for a particular school (see note 1).
  3. Children who have a brother or sister already in the school and who would be in that school in September 2018 (see note 2). If there are more children with siblings in the school than places available, places will be allocated to those children with siblings who live nearest to the school in terms of walking distance (see note 3).
  4. Children who live nearest to the school in terms of walking distance (see note 3).


  1. If you think your child has an exceptional educational, social or medical need for a particular school, your case must be supported by documented evidence from a doctor, health visitor, social worker or other medical professional, which must be submitted at the time of your original application. You will need to show why your preferred school is the only school that meets your child’s social or medical need. The decision as to whether your child qualifies on medical or social grounds is made by the local authority.
  2. Sibling refers to brother or sister, half brother or sister, adopted brother or sister, step brother or sister, or the child of the parent/carer’s partner where the child for whom the school place is sought is living in the same family unit at the same address as that sibling.
  3. Distance will be measured by the shortest walking route, via public rights of way, from the 'seed point' (a central point) of the child’s home address (including flats) to the main entrance of the school,  with those living closer to the school receiving the higher priority.

Under present education law, there is no right of appeal if your child is unsuccessful in getting a place in our Nursery class.

Lena Gardens Primary School Enrolment Form - Nursery.doc

LBHF - Admissions Information:

Please click on the link above for information on Admissions to Primary School


The Elliot Foundation Trust (TEFAT) consulted on behalf of Academy Name the proposed admission policy for the academic year 2018/19 as required by the School Admission Code – December 2014
The consultation ran from 31 October 2016 to 19 December 2016.

The consultation has now closed and TEFAT will now consider any comments received and decide on the determined Admissions Policy for 2018/19 by the 28 February 2017.