Physical Education

Sports Day 2018

On Friday 9th June, our school visited Godolphin & Latymer Girls School for Sports Day. It was an amazing event! First, we were split into 12 groups made up of all age groups. Then, we took part in a range of six events, which had been planned especially for us. We circulated in our groups allowing everybody a turn at each activity including: javelin, ball throwing, hurdles, obstacle race, long jump and relay.

All the events were challenging yet fun and the aim was to beat the other teams’ scores and come out on top as the most athletic all-rounder group. For the relay, we had to work collaboratively with other children on our side, which was probably the most fun out of all the activities.

The final event was the great class sprint, which everyone enjoyed enormously. After that, it was time for the results! Drumroll! The winning team was …………… Buckingham Palace Queens, who scored a grand total of 467? points.

Thanks for the great day go to Miss Littler and Ashley for their superb organisation and the Godolphin & Latymer team for their time, facilities and generosity. Finally, it was lovely to see so many parents there sharing the fun!

Written by: Fatima, Rahima, Klara and Lesharn (Year 6)

Physical Education

Lena Gardens Primary School seeks to provide a full, varied and interesting Physical Education curriculum which challenges, engages, and excites pupils and staff alike. We see Physical Education as part of the education experience as a whole. To download a copy of the PE curriculum, please click here.

During the course of the school year we undertake a number of activities, so to keep up with them, we post reports in our news section of our website. Please follow these reports with interest and look at some of the images of the events.

To read the full PE policy, please follow the PE Policy link here.