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Elliot Foundation Announces Potential Closure of Lena Gardens Primary School

The Elliot Foundation is today announcing a proposal that Lena Gardens Primary school in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham may close. The Trust has put a request to the Department for Education to close the school by mutual consent, which will see the funding agreement for the school terminated. Lord Agnew, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the School System, has agreed this request in principle. Following this, the Elliot Foundation is holding a five-week listening period during which stakeholders can put forward their views on the potential closure.

The potential closure is due to the number of children in the school falling consistently over the last six years to the current roll of 43 in a school with 210 places. This is not a reaction to the quality of education in the school, which has consistently improved over the period of the Trust’s tenure. It is a result of demographic changes in the borough which mean that there are fewer children in this part of the borough. At the date of writing there is a 17% vacancy rate in other nearby primary schools.

 The Trust has worked with other stakeholders for the last four years to avoid closure and has considered a wide range of alternatives. But the demographic pattern is set to remain for at least the next five years. The Trust simply cannot run a school on these numbers and to attempt to do so would mean that the children miss out on educational opportunities. As a result, the Trust board has reluctantly decided to request that the school closes on August 31st 2019 by mutual consent with the DfE. Whilst Lord Agnew has given agreement in principle to the closure, a final decision will not be taken until the listening period has been completed.

 In the event that the school does close, the Elliot Foundation will work with the Local Authority to ensure that alternative places are made available to all families affected. The Trust will attempt to avoid redundancies wherever possible by finding alternative employment for the staff in its other London schools.

 The listening period commences on the 5th April 2019 and closes on the 10th May 2019.  Views can either be shared at the following email address or via post at the following address: -

 Lena Gardens Listening Period, The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust, Pyramid House, 252b Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8JT

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