Robins (Years 2/3)


This half term will see Robins exploring the wonderful city we live in -  London,  looking at its features and landmarks and leading up the to the children providing guided sight seeing tours of a model city.  
In maths our focus is place value and the number system.  The children will be recognising the value of each digit in a number and representing increasingly larger numbers in a variety of ways.  We have already developed our understanding creating human number lines, playing games and by building confidence with concrete apparatus like base ten blocks.  The children will compare and order and estimate numbers and complete problem solving activities and investigations to deepen their knowledge and understanding of key concepts.  
In English, our learning journey will be stimulated by the story Katie in London, where a young girl goes on a magical adventure with the help of a statuesque Trafalgar lion.  From this, the children will write character and setting descriptions and devise their own short story.  We will be writing letters to a very important person indeed and holding a royal tea party in her honour.  Our grammar focus will be on developing understanding of word classes and extending the children's vocabulary with more ambitious word choices.  We will use dictionaries and thesauri to help us.  
The children will be studying maps and atlases to locate the countries and cities that make up the UK.  They will use directional language and compass points to navigate maps of the UK and London and use symbols and keys to recognise and describe the human and physical features of cities.  
I art we will be studying many of the inspiring artworks held in The National Gallery and look forward to hopping into some paintings (Mary Poppins style) for some imaginary journeys; acting, in role as subjects from the art work studied.  We will be using tools and building materials to create 3D models of famous London landmarks, like Buckingham Palace, for our model city.  The children will deepen their historical knowledge of their surroundings by examining how London has changed over time.
In Science, the children will investigate living things and their habitats.  They will develop their classification skills, based on whether something is living or non living or the type of skeleton an animal has.  We will be spending time in the local area, setting up investigations to observe the wildlife there and collecting data about mini beasts and the different places animals choose to live.  Our handmade, natural bug boxes will hopefully entice some interesting, tiny critters our way.  We can't wait to see all the natural wonders we have right on our doorstep.