Year 5

Year 5 have had a very busy start to the half term with everyone engaging in lessons and inspired to learn new material.    It was my pleasure to hear about the students holidays especially all the exciting and enjoyable activities they participated in.  The recounts they produced were a great read.  Later this half term we will be writing and discussing all the features a newspaper article informing the people of Rome their army has been victorious in conquering Britain.  Also this half term the year 5 students will be writing a letter addressed to the parents of a Roman soldier who is about to got to invade Brittany.   During the preparation of this letter we will discuss features of a letter, how to address a letter, informal/informal language and what to put in each paragraph.    
In maths this term we are learning all about fractions.  How to recognise mixed numbers, improper fractions, converting decimals, percentages and fractions. During the later weeks of the term we will learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.  On top of this we will be continuing out times tables quiz's each morning and practising out mental maths skills each week.  Students are encouraged to keep practising their times tables and division facts at home throughout the year.       
In ICB this term we will be learning about Romans influence on England, this will have close links with out English topic (see above).  The students have been very interested so far to learn about the Roman soldiers and how they expanded their empire onto English soil.  
For home learning this term I will be handing out the homework books on a Wednesday and collecting them again on a Monday.  Students should choose one topic from the home learning sheet and complete a different task each week.  In addition students should be reading 20min three times per week, they have the option to do improve their maths work logging onto Kahn Academy which is a website I have signed them up to that is great to learn in all areas of maths.  
In PE this term we will be developing skill levels in games involving a ball.  Skills such as: catching, throwing and kicking will be taught.  Students are encouraged to practice these skills at home and show their parents any new outdoor skills.    On top of regular PE sessions we will be continuing out swimming lesson each Friday.  Great progress is being made in the pool.  


The Year 5 Medium Term Plan can be downloaded HERE.

The Year 5 Home Learning for the Spring Term can be downloaded HERE.