Year 5

The year 5 students have a massive term ahead of them, full of enjoyable and interesting topics to learn about. 

In English we will be look at the features and writing a persuasive argument, followed by a story based on a Greek Myth.  This will tie in nicely with our History topic.    The students are encouraged to keep up their reading at home and many reading tasks will be completed in class including; comprehension, guided reading and silent reading.   To go along with the reading and writing task this term we will be improving our grammar skills with noun phrases to be revisited, as well as, parenthesis, colons, embedded clauses and conjunctions.  

In maths we will be moving on with Shape and Angles.  Students will be able to recognise the types of angles (acute, obtuse,  reflex and right) how to measure angles with a protractor and recognising these angles in shapes.   Our mental maths skills will continue to be honed with many activities planned to test and challenge the students ability to think quickly and logically through some difficult problems.  If the weather continues to be favourable we may even get a chance to do some maths lessons outdoors!

In ICB this term we will start by studying the ancient Greeks.  We will learn; who they were as a people, some of their customs, what they have given modern day society and their most famous battles.  Then we will move onto our science topic which this term is all about living things and life cycles.  During this topic we will study how plants and animals reproduce and continue to survive as a species.  

I am very much looking forward to teach year 5 this term.  Much fun in store!!!

The Year 5 Medium Term Plan can be downloaded HERE.