Year 2

During the Spring Term, Year 2 will be learning through the exciting whole school topic: The Environment!

In English, we will be exploring the adventures of Flat Stanley. Throughout the upcoming weeks most of our writing will focus around this story being enjoyed together as a class. Year 2 will learn how to re-tell the story using both hand actions, as well as symbols. By the end of the term, the children will create their own adventure about Flat Stanley. Throughout Year 2 there will be a focus on Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation skills. Mainly the use of exclamation and question marks. They will also be practising their cursive handwriting.

In PSHE, children will be looking at ‘Friendship’ as well as learning all about Road Safety!

In Maths, there will be a large focus on Money, including recognition of coins/notes, finding different combinations of coins and also solving simple money problems. We will also work on our 2,5 and 10 time tables as well as calculating mathematical statements for multiplication and division.

In RE, we will be focusing on the Creation Story. We will learn about the Christian, Islam and Buddhism story of creation; how they are different and/or similar. We will be learning through different mediums such as discussion, songs and art.

In Science, we will be learning about ‘Materials’. We will be exploring and discussing different materials that are found around us and their properties.

In PE, we will be focusing on team games. This will include developing teamwork, fairness and participation!

Important Notes:


Spellings, suited to your child’s ability, will be sent home once a week on a Wednesday. They will be tested on the spellings the following Wednesday. Children are encouraged to learn and practise spelling their words over the course of the week to ensure confidence when being tested.

Home Learning:

Home Learning is due in on Wednesday. Tasks are usually linked to learning that has taken place in the classroom. Children should already have knowledge on the tasks set out in the grid. They must complete 1 task from the grid per week; this will be marked and handed back on Friday.


Children must read daily as an integral part of their home study routine. Please try to hear your child read and record it in their reading record book. It is important to check that, as well as becoming more fluent; the children understand what they are reading, especially as they begin to read longer and more complex books. Discussing the book afterwards, or during reading can do this. Talk about the characters, setting or main events.


Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please provide your child with the appropriate clothing and footwear.

Thank you! 

Our Medium Term plan can be downloaded HERE.

Our Home Learning can be downloaded HERE.