Welcome to Nursery!

We are having a great start to the year, and it has been exciting to meet the new nursery children! During the Autumn term, we will be getting to know each other and the classroom routines. As the children explore the materials, activities and resources in the nursery classroom and in our garden, the staff will be learning about and supporting the children’s interests. So far there has been a lot of interest in the potatoes, broad beans, and pumpkin that have been growing in our garden, and we have been able to do some cooking projects around tasting the vegetables that were ready to pick. As summer ends and autumn and winter settle in, we will continue to notice changes in our garden and in the environment around us. As we get to know each other, we will also talk about ourselves, our families, and upcoming festivals and notice similarities and differences.

During the Autumn term, to develop our phonics skills, we will be listening for sounds in the environment, comparing sounds, and making sounds on our bodies (body percussion) and using instruments. Families can support this at home by listening to and talking about sounds in the environment, talking about sounds animals make, introducing sound effects in stories read or told together, and singing songs and making up rhythms by clapping, stomping, tapping. To develop mathematical thinking, we will be talking about and comparing sizes, comparing groups of objects to see which has more and less, and developing an interest in shape through building.

Meet the Teacher:

  • A ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting will be held before the half term holiday. A date will be sent out as soon as it has been confirmed.

Speech and Language:

  • Naz, our Speech and Language Therapist, will be with us every Thursday. Please find her or speak with one of the class team if you have any questions or concerns that you wish to discuss.

Home Learning and Home Reading Books:

  • Ideas for home learning and a book to read with your child each week will be sent out after half term. More information to follow!

Our Medium Term Plan for our Learning can be downloaded HERE.